About Me

To discover a person’s passion, ask: What is the topic she always manages to steer the conversation toward?

For me, it’s babies and breastfeeding. Even in my free time, I can't help it. I love digging into the latest research about lactation, baby behaviour, brain development.

But that joy of learning has a purpose – I can't wait to share these insights with parents to ease their transition into parenting.

During an in-person or virtual consult, I harness my understanding of lactation concepts – seasoned with 20 years of experience – to help families move past their current feeding challenges.


Photographs courtesy of Elesha Kaye Photography

Fun Facts

What's up with that accent?

My family loves to travel! I lived in 4 other countries before settling in New Zealand back in 2011. This globe-trotting has taught me some interesting things about the nature of parenting around the world.

What fascinates me is how parents everywhere all want the same things for their children! And baby behaviour is remarkably similar – no matter where that little person happens to be born. 

Some of the biggest struggles for parents stem from the mismatch between infant biology and cultural expectations. I bring to my work a wide-angle perspective, as we search for ways to cope with the realities of raising babies in the modern world.

My Family

My husband and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary! We met during my OE travels, and settled down to raise our three children in a crazy, multi-cultural, bi-lingual home. Juggling an unreasonable number of passports. 

The kids are now in various stages of adulting. It's absolutely fascinating to watch them discover their own sources of passion. 

Our family includes a clever fur baby – who appears to also be bi-lingual.

My Ethos

My work vibe is supporting a nurturing family environment, where children thrive.

Sometimes called "responsive parenting", this is an evidence-based perspective on how to make sure parents and children all get their needs met.

Basically, we're always looking for win-win solutions – using gentle, respectful strategies.

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